MetricUScar™ allows you to keep track of the consumption of your car: entering the miles visualized on the odometer of the car, the cost of the refueling and the fuel price, will be displayed: the distance traveled in km, the consumption in km per liter and the liter consumed per 100 km.

The data will be saved in your personal account and will be possible to consult statistics such as:

- Fuel price for the current year

- Mileage

- Cost of refuelings

- Date of the first and last refueling by year

By entering only 3 data at the end of the refueling, all the necessary calculations will be performed and the position saved so as to be able to visualize on a map the place where the refueling was performed.

In this version of MetricUScar™, the following advanced tools are available:

     •     Results of fuel consumption for the last refueling

     •     List of all refuelings with statistics, all filterable per year

     •     Map for the displaying of the service stations used for each refueling

     •     Statistics on a Cartesian graph

     •     Measurement unit converter between Imperial System and Metric System

     •     GPS tachometer with display in km/h and simultaneous reference in mph

MetricUScar™ is available for iPhone and iPad and is translated in: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish language.