Dead Today™



Dead Today™

Launching the app will bring you to the main screen: Dead Today™️ select automatically the database where perform the search based on the language settings on your device (e.g.: if you are in England but your iPhone or iPad is set on Français language, you will have results funded on French database).

If you are in a Country that not use Italian, English, French, German or Spanish language, Dead Today™️ will automatically select the English-American database.

By clicking the 'magnifying glass' icon, Dead Today™️ allows you to perform the search on an alternative database; available database are in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish language.

By clicking on the name of a person, Dead Today™️ will bring you to the detail screen where you can find an image and the description of that person.

Here, by clicking on ‘Open on Wikipedia’ button, Dead Today™️ will open Safari directly on Wikipedia page of that person.

By clicking the 'i' button, Dead Today™️ will show the Credits screen.

Dead Today™️ is available for iPhone and iPad and is translated in: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish language.